The Adventures of Drago the T-rex

Once upon a time the greedy town of traditional forest had made a new law. (For you kids who like candy, this will be scary.) The law was . . . ALL CANDY TO BE FED TO Diplo-docus the diplodocus. Scary to you candy fans, huh? So Diplo-docus grew fatter and fatter until he looked like a basketball that had six sticks sticking out. Diplo-docus started whining for more candy. Then one day the dentist came by and said to Diplo-docus, "Your teeth are as black as a tar pit." So Diplodocus lost his teeth and wanted yogurt instead of candy.

Drago went on a journey to find some yogurt. Soon he came to Yogurt Town where Spino the Spinosaurus had a yogurt Christmas Party. Spino gave Drago 100 gallons of yogurt and said to Drago, "This is just a present, but Christmas' real meaning is that God's son, our Lord, Jesus Christ was born." So Drago made a new friend. Say, what happened to that Diplo-docus? Well he moaned that he wanted yogurt until a law came up to feed all of your yogurt to Diplo-docus.

Spino visits Traditional Forest to find Drago and tell him some more Christmas stuff. Spino finds Drago and says to him, "Hi, did you ever hear about the wise men who followed the Bethlehem Star to Jesus? And the shepherd followed the Bethlehem Star to Jesus too."

Diplo-docus ate so much yogurt that his belly jiggled like . . . yogurt! So Drago was so happy to have Spino over. One day Diplo-docus saw the dentist. The dentist said, "Hi, Diplo-docus. Did you know you have gingivitis?" So, Diplo-docus brushed his gums and made a new law that was to give all your toothpaste and floss to Diplo-docus.

--- Drew Sturgill